Integrity. Honest.
Extending Mutual Respect

Here at EME Resources Sdn. Bhd., we believe in conducting all business activity to the fullest of
integrity, honest and also by extending mutual respect to all in order to build long-term business

Mechanical & Electrical Engineering

EME Resources Sdn. Bhd. has the in depth expertise and knowledge in steam generation system, design of efficient steam system, services, maintenance and steam engineering consultancy.

Fire Fighting & Protection Services

Certified distributor and installer of Aerohubâ„¢, new generation of aerosol fire suppression system, state of the ZFP addressable and conventional fire protection systems, and Orient Corp. Pte. Ltd. FM200, Clean Agent Fire Suppression system.

Building Services, Maintenance, Cleaning &
Civil Works

EME Resources able to deliver various steel structural works, plumbing, electrical wiring, landscaping, cleaning and fire fighting installation maintenance and services.